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* <strike>Launch forums and re-launch mailing lists</strike> (Sept. 26) * <strike>Launch forums and re-launch mailing lists</strike> (Sept. 26)
* Find wiki host/co-lo * Find wiki host/co-lo
-* Do first wiki test+* Do press release
 +* Launch wiki privately (pilot project)
* Launch wiki publicly * Launch wiki publicly
* Hold first face-to-face meeting * Hold first face-to-face meeting

Revision as of 18:14, 5 October 2006

Welcome to the temporary wiki planning page for the Citizendium!

As future members of Citizendium, please feel free to make this into an excellent project planning resource.

If you wish to contribute to this wiki, please sign up using your own real name as your username.

In particular, please use this page for any documents about the Citizendium project that you would like others to collaborate on. In the first week of this page's existence we have mainly been engaging in debate here. Now that there are both mailing lists and forums available, it might be better to use these pages to summarize debates, the various positions, etc. This is really useful for those who don't have time to read every post in the lists and forums. Also, please add any pages created to Category:Citizendium.

We will move these planning pages to a specially-set up "meta" wiki when one is created.


Project news

26 September 2006 - Communications

Citizendium mailing lists

The Citizendium mailing lists are active. Maturing topics are being refactored onto the Project Pages listed below. Please help. Posting is moderated and limited per day.

The mailing lists are a place to focus on quality over quantity; somewhere to put minds together and carefully and at length come to well-reasoned, deeply-reasoned recommendations for the project.

See Working rules for the Mailing lists.

Discussion forums

Citizendium discussion forums are now live at

This is the place for chat and informal exchanges for the project. The forums are moderated.

Project pages

The Project Pages are public discussion pages. They contain refactored and summarised discussions.

These are places for digests of arguments made and information gathered. A working document may be constructed at the top of each project page.

22 September 2006

As of Friday, 22 September 2006, 06:17 GMT, a search on Google, using the term "Citizendium", returned over one million hits. Library staff around the world, whose job it is to monitor blogs to do with new forms of information dissemination and information technology, have already noticed a huge upsurge in interest in this project, as well as links to this wiki.--Phil Wardle 11:33, 22 September 2006 (PDT)

See Project Discussions - What's Going On for how discussions hang together.

Projected Milestones

These milestones should be only the most significant "watershed" developments in the project.

  • Launch website (Sept. 15)
  • Make initial announcement (Sept. 15)
  • Launch mailing lists (Sept. 20)
  • Launch forums and re-launch mailing lists (Sept. 26)
  • Find wiki host/co-lo
  • Do press release
  • Launch wiki privately (pilot project)
  • Launch wiki publicly
  • Hold first face-to-face meeting
  • Adopt charter

Project Pages

Pilot project




Basic Mechanics

Technical Specifications

Suggestion Box

  • In the absence of a bulletin board, it would be helpful if volunteers trawl through the mailing-list emails looking for the really cogent topics for dicussion and extract them onto the project pages listed here. Don't forget to link new project pages/sub-pages. --Peter Hitchmough 06:42, 21 September 2006 (PDT)
    • If it'll help, we could start by knocking together a short chrono summary. By short, I mean who posted, what the subject line was, and the gist of the post, and by 'the gist of' I mean 'an order of magnitude smaller than'. I'll try and grovel through the archives for a first-pass version within 24ish hours of now (gotta sleep first, it's night here), slapping it up as Citizendium-l at a glance. I think that will be more wieldy for a topic-trawler than the whole raw history. See the forest for the trees and all. Nathan Ellis Rasmussen 05:05, 22 September 2006 (PDT)
  • Has anybody subscribed the lists to Gmane yet? Jon Awbrey 07:26, 21 September 2006 (PDT)
    • Not that I know of. I guess that's up to moderators or Larry Sanger.--ZachPruckowski 07:31, 21 September 2006 (PDT)

Other useful links

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