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- This is the landing page at for Citizendium.+
-{| align=center cellpadding=5 style="text-align:center;font-size:133%"+
-|'''Welcome to the planning pages '''+
-|- +
-|'''for the '''+
-|- style="font-size:250%"+
-|''[ Citizendium!]''+
-==The planning wiki==+
-As future members of Citizendium, please feel free to make this into an excellent project planning resource. ''If you wish to contribute to this wiki, in the spirit of Citizendium, please sign up using your own real name as your username.''+
-This wiki is for any documents about the ''Citizendium'' project that you would like others to collaborate on. Here: arguments from the discussion forums and mailing lists are summarised; ideas are documented; and technical designs are advanced. It's a useful resource for those who have little time to spare. Please contribute, and add any pages created to Category:Citizendium.+This Wiki is now closed. For discussions on Citizendium, please go to the [ CZ forums]. All discussions from this Wiki have been archived there.
-* For relaxed, conversational debate - head to the Citizendium forums at access the CZ pilot project, go [ here].
-* For reasoned argument and in-depth collaboration - please use the Citizendium mailing lists at
-* What is '''Citizendium''' and the vision for it? - See
- +
-We will move these planning pages to a specially set-up "meta" wiki when one is created.+
- +
-==Project news==+
-[[Image:Newspaper nicu buculei 01.png|right]]+
-===05 October 2006 - Pilot Project===+
-Larry Sanger has announced on the [ Citizendium-L] mailing list that a [[pilot project]] was to start development straight away.+
- +
-===26 September 2006 - Communications===+
-The [[Citizendium mailing lists]] are active. Maturing topics are being ''refactored'' onto the [[#Project Pages|Project Pages]] listed below. Please help.+
- +
-The mailing lists are a place to focus on quality over quantity; somewhere to put minds together and carefully and at length come to well-reasoned, deeply-reasoned recommendations for the project. :''See [[Working rules for the Mailing lists]].''+
- +
-The Citizendium discussion forums are now live at This is the place for chat and informal exchanges for the project. The forums are moderated.+
- +
-===22 September 2006 - Citizendium on the web===+
- +
-As of Friday, 22 September 2006, 06:17 GMT, a search on Google, using the term "Citizendium", returned over one million hits. Library staff around the world, whose job it is to monitor blogs to do with new forms of information dissemination and information technology, have already noticed a huge upsurge in interest in this project, as well as links to this wiki.+
- +
-==Projected Milestones==+
-These milestones should be only the most significant "watershed" developments in the project.+
- +
-* <strike>Launch website</strike> (Sept. 15)+
-* <strike>Make initial announcement</strike> (Sept. 15)+
-* <strike>Launch mailing lists</strike> (Sept. 20)+
-* <strike>Launch forums and re-launch mailing lists</strike> (Sept. 26)+
-* Find wiki host/co-lo+
-* Do press release+
-* Launch wiki privately (pilot project)+
-* Launch wiki publicly+
-* Hold first face-to-face meeting+
-* Adopt charter+
- +
- +
-==Project Pages==+
-{| cellpadding=10 cellspacing=0 border=0+
-|<br/> <!--- formatting kludge - can anyone fix this? --->+
-===Pilot project===+
- +
-* [[Pilot project]]+
-* [[Proposed Articles for Citizendium Pilot Project]]+
- +
- +
-* [[How do we define a field?]]+
-* [[How should topics be structured?]]+
-* [[How should we handle sourcing?]]+
-* [[On the nature and sources of knowledge]]+
- +
- +
-* [[How do we attract collaborators?]]+
-* [[How shall we do copyediting?]]+
-* [[On the nature and sources of expertise]]+
-* [[What makes someone an expert?]]+
-* [[What types of contributors do we need?]]+
- +
-* [[What is the goal of Citizendium?]]+
-* [[Citizendium and Wikipedia]]+
- +
-===Basic Mechanics===+
- +
-* [[Do we need a temporary forum?]]+
-* [[How do we market Citizendium?]]+
-* [[How should the Real Names policy work?]]+
-* [[What should we do about importing articles?]]+
-* [[When should we aim to go public?]]+
-* [[Pilot project]]+
- +
-===Technical Specifications===+
- +
-* [[Citizendium Technical Requirements]]+
-* [[Citizendium Technical White Paper]]+
- +
-==Suggestion Box==+
- +
-* Has anybody subscribed the lists to Gmane yet? [[User:Jon Awbrey|Jon Awbrey]] 07:26, 21 September 2006 (PDT)+
-**Not that I know of. I guess that's up to moderators or Larry Sanger.--[[User:ZachPruckowski|ZachPruckowski]] 07:31, 21 September 2006 (PDT)+
- +
-==Other useful links==+
- +
-* [[Citizendium press]]+
-* [ Citizendium discussion forums]+
-* [ Citizendium mailing lists]+
- +

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This Wiki is now closed. For discussions on Citizendium, please go to the CZ forums. All discussions from this Wiki have been archived there.

To access the CZ pilot project, go here.

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