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Ph.D., American Studies, Yale University, 1990. Publications in: American studies, cultural studies, popular culture, film, cyberculture studies, critical race theory, trauma studies, Vietnam War studies, African American Studies, feminist theory, women's studies, American history, American literature.

Editorial experience: founder, publisher, editor of Viet Nam Generation: A Journal of Recent History and Contemporary Issues (1988-1998); founder, publisher of Burning Cities Press (1990-1998); the Sixties Project(1993-1999).

Full c.v. and full text of most publications available at my home page.

As an individual, I hold strong partisan views. As a scholar I'm dedicated to Enlightenment principles including rationalism, objectivity (which I define as Gregory Bateson does: "It mean we look very hard at what we choose to look at"), logic, free inquiry, rigorous critique, and substance over rhetoric. I believe that the bulk of human knowledge, clearly explained, is accessible to the average lay reader and that it is the responsibility of experts to share their knowledge as broadly as possible. I also believe in the importance of representing diverse views as fairly and honestly as possible.

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