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  1. Name: Matthias Brendel.
  2. Education:
    1. Ph.D. in Informatics, specifically in some kind of artificial intelligence research at the Budapest University of Thechnology and Economics. Officially, the topic is called: "Neuromorph Information Technologies".
    2. A three years of closed study (absolutorium) in a Ph.D. program at the Budapest University of Thechnology and Economics with the title: "History of science, technology, and engineering." I am interested in philosophy of science and its history, specifically in logical positivism, and more specifically, in Rudolf Carnap. I am trying to write some publications and the dissertation for this second Ph.D.

I was an editor in the Hungarian Wikipedia for half a year and I have a critical standpoint to it.

Publication list


e-mail: math/at/, /at/=@


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